How Can Your Business Benefit from Colocation Services

The increased presence of web based commerce, and web dependent data retrieval, has forced many companies to consider the need for dedicated servers to maintain their online presence. While smaller establishments may find that standard internet providers and web hosting services are sufficient to their needs, more information dependent businesses need to consider dedicated server capabilities to give them the edge over their competition. But building and maintaining an on site date center is costly, requiring major equipment purchases, housing facilities for that equipment and manpower to program and monitor the company’s dedicated servers. For many businesses, both large and small, this is hardly cost effective. Building an in house server and developing an IT department from the ground up puts the speed and reliability of a dedicated server out of reach of  independent businesses. But with the right colocation service, any business can take advantage of the very substantial benefits of a dedicated server infrastructure, without being forced to build it from the ground up.

Colocation hosting allows your business to rent, or purchase, servers that are housed and operated in a remote facility. Many businesses simply do not have the space required to house a dedicated server safely and efficiently.  Servers require a temperature controlled environment, with adequate generator backups to ensure an uninterrupted power supply that avoids downtime or system crashes. Colocation hosting services provide the answer, with facilities designed to adequately house racks of dedicated servers, with sufficient backup power and cooling systems to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. These services can help any business take advantage of the inherent bandwidth speed available with a dedicated server, as well as the redundancies built into the server to ensure that no downtime is experienced and information is trafficked with greater speed and reliability.

One of the chief benefits of a colocation hosting service is the availability of on-site, hands on, maintenance and monitoring personnel. For companies with small, or nonexistent, IT departments this is a great boon. You can rely on the hosting service to monitor your dedicated server, maintain the facilities and implement any software patches and upgrades that you desire. A full term service contract with a colocation hosting company ensures that your equipment, whether it is leased or purchased, remains functioning at optimum levels. Your company can enjoy the advantages of high bandwidth speeds and increased traffic flow without the need to build and operate a data center of your own.

Of course, all of these benefits mean nothing if colocation hosting isn’t cost effective. In truth, operating a dedicated server through a colocation service may be more affordable than you think, and depending on your current internet service may actually save you money. For example, a standard limited bandwidth DSL line can cost a business upwards of $2400 a year. For less than a yearly DSL contract, your company can rent a dedicated server in a colocation facility and enjoy the higher bandwidth speeds, redundancy safeguards and monitored, uninterrupted service that comes from having a state of the art data center at your disposal.

The benefits of using a colocation hosting service for all of your web based needs are clear:

•    The positive cost benefit of using a colocation hosting service
•    Colocation services increase your web potential while maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime
•    Colocation hosting services house and maintain your dedicated server, providing uninterrupted power supplies and adequate cooling systems to keep your server operating a peak efficiency 24/7
•    Using a colocation service means you do not have to maintain your own data center and staff, saving your business money and man hours.

Colocation hosting services give businesses of all sizes and descriptions a competitive edge. By providing reliable services that allow you to take advantage of higher bandwidth speeds, greater flow of information, and redundancy protocols to limit downtime, colocation hosting helps to increase your business’ potential.  Local, national or international; colocation hosting gives your business the power to succeed.


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