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What Data Services Does Your Company Need?

It’s important to consider your business data demands today, and to take future expansion and scalablity into account, as well.

Data service is a foundational part of nearly all companies today, regardless of size, and will continue to grow in importance in the future. Obviously, you want speed and dependability, and those factors have to be balanced against budget considerations.

The right data service will ensure that your business can run as efficiently as possible: You won’t be paying employees to sit around waiting for emails, page loads, and document downloads dozens of times a day, and your sales and customer service staff will have the information they need to help your customers promptly.

Below are the main data service options to consider for your business. Other solutions exists, so make sure to ask if you need a custom solution.

Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet over Copper (EoC) is easy on the pocketbook, and this is the “broadband” choice you’re very familiar with. It offers speeds of about 50+ Mb, and  at a lower price than an enterprise T1 line, but this is a case where location is everything.

The greater the distance from your location to the Central Office that serves your region, the lower your speed will be with EoC service.

If you’re near the Central Office (within about four miles, for peak performance), this might be an economical alternative, but it’s important to consider that lost speed means lost productivity, so you need to make a realistic assessment.

T1 and Point-to-Point

The T1 line is still the most common business data service because it offers a consistent, guaranteed upload and download speed, and the distance to the Central Office is not a consideration.

T1 service offers 1.5 Mb speed for both upload and download, though it can be combined or “bonded” with up to seven additional T1 lines, to give a total speed of 12Mb up and down.

It gives your company dedicated Internet service with guaranteed, predictable performance. T1 is an ideal solution for a small business with a single location, especially if your location is too far away from the Central Office to get good performance from copper.

Point-to-Point T1’s are available for businesses that require private lines where security is a large factor. However, MPLS is the preferred method for this type of solution and is outlined below.

If your business demands huge data use, or it has more than about 10 employees, you may need a different solution.

Ethernet Over Fiber

Fiber services are fast becoming the gold standard among companies that rely on heavy data usage. Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) service offers blazing speeds, and it’s much less affected by distance from the Central Office than copper.

Fiber can deliver full speed at a distance about eight times greater than copper. The price of fiber data services continues to decline, which has brought it into a range more companies can afford.

The catch with fiber data service is that not all areas have been upgraded to fiber, yet, so it may not be available in your area. Fill in the form on this page to see if your business has serviceable fiber available.


Multi Protocol Label Switching service gives businesses with multiple locations a secure and seamless way to integrate data across locations.

It’s a flexible system that allows for easy scaling and reconfiguration as your company grows and evolves, and it streamlines data transfer for more efficient and secure networking, with improved disaster recovery.

With Private MPLS, all of your company’s data runs through a central location, sharing Internet access across all of your sites, so there’s no need for each location to maintain its own firewall.

Public/Enhanced MPLS offers the ease of interconnectivity, but each site has dedicated access to the Internet, and its own firewall.

Integrated Circuits

Another way of providing dedicated internet is via integrated circuits. These services can be deployed as digital or (traditional) analog service, and both the internet and voice solution is delivered on the same line.

The dynamic allocation allows clients to realize the full circuit’s bandwidth (eg. 1.5 Mb T1′s full bandwidth levels while no calls are in session), with only a fraction of the overall bandwidth levels reduced when a call is in session. The bandwidth that the call takes is returned after the call has ended.

Integrated circuits are ideal for the following:

  • Small offices of fewer than 10-15 employees
  • Offices that need a PRI or analog handoff to their phone system
  • Low call volume offices
  • Companies that might need DID’s

Level The Playing Field

It can be really hard to get information that you can use to make an even comparison among business high speed Internet services.

ISPFast can help you clear away the information you don’t need, so it’s easier to evaluate which service plans and data services you need, what level of support you need from your Internet Service Provider, and then help you find the best price for that perfect ISP and plan.

You can start today with our short web form, and once we’ve evaluated your company’s needs, we’ll get your free quotes from premium ISPs who can satisfy your company’s unique data demands. It’s fast and free to get started.

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