Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use when we can call our internet service provider?

Saving you money and finding you the best internet service provider is our goal. Because of this, we work on your behalf and are not biased towards which ISP is the best fit for your business needs. We are committed to to finding you the best voice and data services at the most affordable costs for you during new installation, relocation, or ongoing services.

Do you sell hardware or other services?

No. We only work to provide your business with voice and data services utilizing the best internet service providers and phone system installers. However, we do have industry contacts that can bring in full featured phone systems, IT services, web design, and marketing if needed.

Does using add more to my monthly costs?

Our services are completely FREE to you. Partnerships with preferred telecom companies allow us to work on your behalf and pass along cost savings because of the volume we provide them.

Are you a reseller? Where does my bill come from?

Your bill will come directly from the internet service provider or phone system installer you select. We’re also happy to review your billing to make sure there are no hidden costs if use our services.

What happens if I have a problem?

Problems can happen during installation of new voice or data services. Building accessibility is one of the most common problems, and we’re happy to communicate with any vendors to help alleviate this or other concerns. We’re on your team.

Will you support us after the installation?

Of Course! We pride ourselves on top notch customer service throughout the entire process, even after your services are up and running. Give us a call or email anytime with any questions.


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