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At ISPFast, we understand how challenging it can be to find all of the voice and data services your company needs. There are so many similar-sounding technologies, and there’s a lot of confusing jargon to wade through. It can be almost impossible to get comparable information from the various providers that you can use to make the right choices.

Choosing a business phone solution for your new or existing location is critical to your daily operation. This is true for any size business. The majority of business transactions are still finalized on the phone, and we know it’s important to stay closely connected to your vendors, clients, and employees.

Our goal is to learn what your telecom needs, and connect you with the right business phone service providers for your situation and location(s).

Because we’ve learned to ask the right questions, we’ll get you the answers you need quickly. Spend a few minutes to submit our online quote request form, and we’ll send you quotes from top-notch providers who can provide the specific service you need.

Our services are always FREE to customers, and we never sell your private information to any third party.

Business Phone Services For All Your Technologies

Most small- and medium-sized businesses today are using a combination of new and legacy technology in their offices. If your business depends on legacy technology like a fax machine, bank check processing machine, or elevator alarms, you may be looking for the best analog phone plan for your business.

The Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) with standard telephone service has its advantages, like rock solid reliability and nearly uninterrupted service. The good news is that all of the big Internet Service Providers can offer traditional phone service.

For some businesses, though, it makes more sense to move the voice service to a more modern technology like Primary Rate Interface (PRI), while keeping the older equipment on analog phone service.

PRI is single digital line, which is a huge step up from analog phone service for voice calls. PRI works with a channelized T1 line, which allows up to 23 calls (channels) to be active at once.

You can have as many Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers as you need, as long as only 23 people are on the phone at any one time. If your business needs capability to handle more than 23 simultaneous calls, you can purchase an additional line (another 23 channels). If your business has high call volume or your PBX requires it, PRI may be a good choice for your business phone service.

What’s The Right Choice For Your Business?

If you need help sifting through the boggling array of choices you have for your business landline phone system, we’re here for you. Contact ISPFast today, fill out a simple form to let us know what your business needs from its standard telephone service, and we’ll get you free and comparable quotes for the specific services your company needs, from traditional business phone service providers in your area.

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