The Benefits of Network Monitoring – Who’s Looking After Your Network?

Network MonitoringNetwork monitoring and management services are critical in today’s high-tech, information driven, marketplace. Businesses, both large and small, need to ensure that their internal computer networks continue to operate at optimal levels, and that their external network connections remain uninterrupted. That means hiring IT teams to continually monitor and manage the computer network, looking for viruses and failing systems, preparing for potential outages, devising recovery procedures, and generally reviewing the system’s overall performance and usage statistics. Large corporations have dedicated IT departments to look after their monitoring and management needs, but smaller businesses typically can’t afford that luxury. Too often smaller businesses set up their network, cross their fingers, and simply hope for the best. But when a network fails, businesses can lose customers, revenue, and consumer confidence. For smaller businesses, those losses can be hard to absorb, and even harder to recover from quickly. That’s why business owners need to consider employing an outside service to monitor their computer networks.

Network Monitoring and Small Businesses

One of the problems smaller businesses face, is that they often don’t have the financial resources to hire an in-house IT department to continuously monitor and manage their computer networks. But this leaves smaller businesses vulnerable to network failure and critical computer downtime. Fortunately, there are alternatives for small to medium businesses who need computer network monitoring services, but can’t afford the luxury of a full time IT department. Many third party providers are offering network monitoring services for smaller companies, allowing them to reap the benefits of an IT team without the prohibitive costs.

The Benefits of Third Party Network Monitoring

Third party network monitoring services offer small to medium sized businesses the protection they need in a highly competitive marketplace. When a business’ computer network fails, commerce can grind to a halt, which is something ever business owner wants to guard against. But what exactly does a third party monitoring service offer, and how does that benefit your business?

  • Reliability and Security – Network monitoring services keep track of your hardware and software, notifying you when there is a potential problem so you can avoid any system failures or downtime. They also monitor your network’s usage, keeping you informed of any unexpected changes, ensuring that your usage does not exceed your networks capacity, leading to slow response times or system failures.
  • Proactive Troubleshooting – Network monitoring services can identify any hardware or software that may be causing problems with your network’s performance, before they lead to system failure. This allows you to fix the problems before they become an issue for your end users.
  • Network Upgrades – By outsourcing your network monitoring to a third party provider you can ensure that you will be notified when any system upgrades are required to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. Again, by being proactive you can avoid any unwanted downtime by staying ahead of the system upgrade curve.
  • Disaster Recovery – When a computer network fails, the time it takes to implement disaster recovery protocols is critical. By securing a service to monitor and manage your computer network you can be sure that disaster recovery protocols are in place to quickly restore your network to working order, and to minimize any possible downtime.
  • Access to Experts – Third party network monitoring services employ experts in their fields, and that expertise is available to their clients 24 hours a day. This provides smaller businesses with the networking expertise they need at a fraction of what it would cost to hire and train their own IT department from scratch.

Small businesses will find that securing a third party monitoring service to watch over their computer network provides the protection they want at a price they can afford. Most networking services offer package deals designed for small business owners, and can create service packages specifically tailored to meet each of their individual client’s needs. Before your computer network succumbs to a system failure or a critical shutdown, consider the benefits of a third party computer network monitoring and management service. Peace of mind has never been more affordable, or more easily secured.

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